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Checking in with Travis Konecny

Let's take a look at what's up with the 24th overall pick.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last night, Team OHL took down Team Russia 3-0 in the third game of the CHL Canada Russia Series. Travis Konecny wore an 'A' for Team OHL, but didn't pick up any points. He did take a mutual roughing penalty with Russia's Semyon Afonasevsky, though, and less impressively, later tripped a dude.

Oh, and if all his points scoring thus far hadn't cemented it (he now has 26 points in 17 games for the Ottawa 67's), he further established himself as a player all Flyers fans are going to love.

Look at him. The smile never leaves his face. He's going to be so great.

Here's another thing to pay attention to. Via Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts:

28. For Flyers fans: people who know junior hockey more than I do (and there is a long line of such people) are on the Travis Konecny trade watch in the OHL.

The 67's aren't doing too badly right now. They're second in the OHL's East Division with 21 points, and third in the Eastern Conference... Although league-wide, they're only eighth overall. The 67's are doing alright, but there are teams doing better.

Konecny is leading the 67's in scoring with those aforementioned 26 points (next closest is Dante Salituro, who has 22). The only teams with higher scoring players than Konecny are the Erie Otters and London Knights, two teams that have better records than the 67's, but aren't at the top of their division.

If Konecny is on the OHL trade block, you gotta think it's for a team that wants to win now. Imagine him playing alongside Dylan Strome or Mitch Marner - because it's totally possible - and then just start thinking of the totals he'll put up.

If the Flyers are making you sad, just think about Travis Konecny, and you'll feel better, probably.