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What do you think of this redesign of the Philadelphia Flyers uniforms?

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Not as good as what they wear today, but not a bad option.

Over on Reddit this week, somebody re-designed uniforms for the entire NHL. Some are really amazing, some are really terrible. Here are the Flyers:

new flyers home

new flyers road

I don't think these are better than what the Flyers currently wear, but I don't think they're bad either. I like the simplicity, I really dig the added striping the longer I look at it, and I don't mind that the white and black name plates are gone. Here's how the designer, who goes by the name of AnxiousOx on Reddit, described his fresh take on the orange and black:

Another iconic look in hockey are the Philadelphia Flyers. Going with what works, I tried to keep changes to a minimum again. It was imperative that I kept their iconic shoulder design but I still wanted to design something that stood out from their jersey history. I've added some arm stripes slightly inspired by their current alternate jersey to mix it up.

One major thing people will probably take issue with is the Toyota patch on the chest, but the reality is that these patches are absolutely going to happen some day -- probably in the next several years. Fans will get in an uproar about it, claiming that they'll never purchase a jersey with an advertiser's patch on it. And then after a month nobody will care anymore. So, whatever. Toyota is fine. I hear they make pretty reliable cars.

What do you think of this redesign?