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Watch this Travis Konecny assist and be amazed

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He MIGHT be good at hockey. Maybe. Just maybe.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, honestly: is Travis Konecny real? How did he fall to 24th in the draft? And how smart were the Philadelphia Flyers to trade up for him?

Konecny has been on an absolute tear in his draft+1 season, scoring 25 points in 15 games. And okay, only five of those are goals, so you might want to see him put the puck in the net more.

But consider the fact that his 20th assist was this play...

... and, okay, all of those assists are still a pretty good thing. That's more impressive than most goals. Not only does he create the entire circumstances of the goal on his own by carrying the puck through all three zones, but the level of awareness he has to recognize where his linemates are, plus just the sheer skill to pull that off and...

Seriously, is he even real?