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WATCH: Travis Konecny had a five assist game

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Three were primary, two were secondary, all were awesome.

Elsa/Getty Images

Bad news: through 22 OHL games, Travis Konecny has scored just five goals. That's one goal for every assist he had in his most recent game.

Yup - the Ottawa 67's defeated the Oshawa Generals 6-2, and Konecny had five assists.

In one game.

Because he's pretty good.

The fifth assist, not shown in the video, was on an empty net goal.

Konecny now has 28 assists over those 22 games. Goals? Who needs goals?

Seriously, how soft are his hands? Konecny is an assist machine. How silly do the teams who passed on him look (and how smart were the Flyers to trade up for him)?

Also, the important thing is that he's proud of himself...

... and haha, poor Radel Fazleev. (Although he's been having a pretty good season himself, with 29 points over 25 games, leading the Calgary Hitmen in scoring. He had a three-assist game over the weekend! Not as awesome as five, but he also got a shootout winner, which is more than Konecny can say since, you know, actually scoring goals.)

Let's all board the Konecny hype train and never get off.