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Never forget the Flyers' dominance over the Penguins

Remember the 80's? Remember how they meant an automatic loss for the Penguins every time they set foot in Philadelphia? Aw yeah.

Craig Jones/Getty Images

Last night, the Anaheim Ducks defeated the Calgary Flames in Anaheim for the 21st time in a row. Calgary hasn't won in Anaheim since 2004.

What does this have to do with the Philadelphia Flyers, you ask? Not a whole lot, really - just a reminder that while Anaheim has been dominating Calgary, they still have a couple more games to go until they reach the league record.

The NHL record that the Flyers set over the Pittsburgh Penguins, of course.

From Feb. 17, 1980 to Jan. 29, 1987, every single time the Penguins stepped foot on Philadelphia ice, they lost. That's almost seven straight years of being able to go to a Penguins at Flyers game and essentially being guaranteed a victory.

That streak was bordered by two ties - it's not as if the Penguins were actually defeating them. The Flyers outscored them 142-61 at the time, so you know they meant business.

No other team has been able to match them - yet, at least. Maybe Anaheim gets there later this season. But for now? The record is the Flyers', and because it was over the Penguins, it was all the sweeter.

Like a more dominant version of how the Flyers own the Penguins' arena now. It's pretty badass.