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Sean Couturier skates, expected back Thursday against Calgary

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Good news! Sean Couturier, who has been out with a concussion since Zac Rinaldo's high hit (that he inexplicably was not suspended for), took to the ice in Edmonton for the Flyers' morning skate.

Welcome back to morning skate, Sean Couturier!

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Slightly worse news! His long-awaited return won't be tonight, even though he's feeling much better.

But still good news! The Flyers' next game is this Thursday, Nov. 5 in Calgary, and that's where he'll probably make his triumphant return.

There's no doubt the Flyers have been missing Couturier; they've been 1-3-1 without him so far, and the fact so many shots are going against the Flyers is likely, at least in part, attributable to his absence. So his return will be extremely welcome - they just gotta get through one more game without him first.