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Shayne Gostisbehere keeps making a name for himself

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Not a lot of rookie defensemen score multiple overtime goals in one season. Ghost Bear is now one of them.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Okay, so remember when Shayne Gostisbehere scored his first overtime winner? It was awesome, and everybody was super happy; except for maybe the Carolina Hurricanes, but nobody cares about them (sorry, Eric T).

Well, now Ghost has done it again. He already cemented himself in Philadelphia Flyers history by being just the third rookie to ever score an overtime winner (and the last time that happened, he hadn't even been born yet).

Now he's got two, and he's put himself in a different class. Gostisbehere joins three other defenders in being just the fourth rookie defenseman to ever score two overtime winners in one season, and they've all been rather recent.

Brent Seabrook accomplished the feat in the 2005-06 season. Then both Cam Fowler and P.K. Subban joined him in 2010-11. Now, we can add Gostisbehere's name to the list in 2015-1g - and it's really not a bad group to be in at all.

Or maybe he can join a class of his own with more. After all, that's two overtime winners in a span of just three games. What more does Ghost have in store? Because he's kind of incredible.