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Flyers Flail, Fight, Fall

Another night, another dream, but always lose.

One left in an ambulance, the other in an Uber.
One left in an ambulance, the other in an Uber.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers lost tonight. It was the Oilers' turn to beat them. The score was 4-1.

The Flyers started out bad, getting outshot 19-2 in the first period. Somehow the Flyers took a 2-1 lead into the third period, but then order was restored and they lost 4-2. It wasn't great.

  • If you couldn't tell by the tone of those first few sentences, I'm pretty down on the Flyers and/or hockey and/or life right now because this team is no good. I remember when the Flyers used to be good. I like them more when they're good, honestly.
  • And when will they be good again? Who knows. Probably not anytime soon. This was the Flyers' ever last game at the Oilers' longtime arena, Rexall Place (unless they meet in the finals this year hahahahahahahahahahahalolololololllllsobbbbbb), and while non-conference arenas rarely hold much significance, this is the building in which the Flyers were most recently one game away from winning the Stanley Cup, when they lost there in Game 7 of the 1987 Stanley Cup finals. Would current Flyer misery be much different if the Flyers had won that game, and their Cup drought was shrunk from 40 years to 28? Probably not, I'm thinking, though obviously having won more would be nice, even if I'm too young to where I'd've remembered any of that. More importantly, when will the Flyers win next? If the Flyers fail to reach the conference finals this year, it will be the longest drought of not reaching that round in franchise history. It's only a six-year drought, so Flyerland is remarkably spoiled, but if you're looking for statistical validation of your current butthurt, there it is.
  • Michal Neuvirth has probably had the best season of any Flyer. He's the back-up goalie. That's a sad state of affairs.
  • Scott Laughton is also a good Flyer, but even though I've seen pretty much every game I hardly remember him. I kind of get the sense I'm not alone there, and that the team bus often drives off without him and they don't notice until his buddy in the buddy system (Vincent Lecavalier, because they did it alphabetically) realizes. And with how engrossed in his podcasts Vinny is from the second he gets on the bus, the Flyers often don't realize that they've left Scott Laughton behind until they're at the airport. But it's okay, Scott's used to it by now and assures you he doesn't mind getting his own ride. Really, Scott isn't bothered by it at all, he says repeatedly before changing the subject abruptly.
  • Adage-wise, misery loves company, but it was not fun having Connor McDavid die on our watch. The amount of hopes that went down the toilet tonight on all sides must have created an utterly disgusting clog. No one even got to delight in the Flyers' suckitude tonight, which means this loss might not qualify as tax deductible.
  • Do you remember that weird, barely canonical episode of Daria where all these personifications of holidays show up and one of them is Guy Fawkes Day? That's a terrible episode. Anyhow, this is probably the deadest a Flyers season has felt by Guy Fawkes Day. It's a marathon, not a sprint, but sometimes after you get finished with a marathon and you get on the New York subway and you have no idea what you're doing because you only speak Italian so you ride around aimlessly until a friendly cop finds you. I heard that happened to somebody. I think it was the Flyers.
  • :(
The show goes on in Calgary. Go Flyers.