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Checking in with the Philadelphia Flyers' Calgary Hitmen

Travis Sanheim? Check! Radel Fazleev? Check! Brendan Burke? Uh... check?

Derek Leung/Getty Images

With Steve Mason feeling under the weather, the Flyers needed another body in net. Fortunately for them, Calgary has a second hockey team - one they aren't competing against tonight - so they were able to call on the Hitmen.

It wasn't the Hitmen the Flyers are most familiar with, though; Travis Sanheim and Radel Fazleev are firmly in junior for the year, and it wasn't skaters Philadelphia was short on. But hey, they've got goalies!

Brendan Burke was an Arizona Coyotes draft pick back in 2013, but hey, it's still a pretty cool experience for the junior netminder (and maybe something he can hold over his Flyers draft picks teammates).

Speaking of those guys:

  • Sanheim currently has 22 points in 18 games, and leads the entire WHL in defensemen scoring. He was also just named an alternate captain for Team WHL in the 2015 CHL Canada Russia Series.
  • Fazleev also has 22 points in 18 games. Together, they lead the Hitmen in scoring.

The Calgary Hitmen: Philadelphia's WHL team? Why not?