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Update: Flyers Still Losing

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Against equally despairing opponents, the Flyers to lose in overtime in Calgary.

This guy scored then got bit.
This guy scored then got bit.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It was nice to get a day off between these losses, not gonna lie.

Tonight, the Flyers went to Calgary and lost. The score was 2-1 and they lost in overtime, so they at least got a point for the first time in a long time, which was a nice respite from unadulterated failure. Adulterous failure still isn't especially fun to watch, though. The team remains flat, and has managed to fall apart right when their schedule got easy. Which, why?

  • Movember just started, which I was alerted to by the quickly dense thicket of hair under Claude Giroux's nostrils. That guy has some serious facial follicles. I tried doing Movember last year and it was one of the most resounding failures of my lifetime. I'm pretty good at getting what should be a two-day growth within two days, but then it just refuses to advance beyond that. I held out until about the 23rd last year before strangers started harrassing me about it in bars and stuff and I had to throw in the towel. Claude has no such problems.
  • On the topic of Movember furthermore, that (made-up) word reminds me how impossible English is. The "Move" in Movember rimes with "grove," while "move" by itself rhymes with "groove." Neither of these rhymes with "love." Honestly, how anybody speaks this language is beyond me.
  • Of course, even more than sprouting a carpet the most remarkable thing Claude Giroux's face did today was try to bite Michael Raffl after he scored his first goal of the season. OK, what the hell? Of course, this isn't the first sign of apparent Giroux-Raffl beef, as you'll recall.I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't like Michael Raffl. He's from Austria, which is unobjectionable.
  • Only two players are having good years for the Flyers so far: Michal Neuvirth and Scott Laughton. Everybody else shares some blame here. Lots of guys on the current roster are considered consensus good hockey players for some reason, but they're all on an awful team, so I'm not sure why they can avoid blame.
  • One Flyer in particular is the worstest: Vincent Lecavalier. I know he's a popular punching bag because of his salary or something, but he's also actively trying to destroy this team from within. Ever see that ABC reality TV show "The Mole" which was hosted by a young Anderson Cooper who already had completely grey hair (when he was only 34, per Wikipedia). In it, a bunch of contestants would work as a team to complete tasks while trying to figure out which one of them was actively trying to sabotage their missions, aka being "The Mole." Spoiler for the season finale: THE MOLE IS LECAVALIER. He made an unreal outlet pass to a guy coming out of the Flames penalty box to set up the first Calgary goal, then set up another pass, and also roundhouse sticked Brayden Schenn in the kid's damn face. The best moles on the TV show tried to be somewhat discreet about undermining the group; Lecavalier, with all his podcast consumption, has no time for such subtleties.
  • Obviously the Flyers are not a good hockey team right now and odds are you'll watch them less and less as the season goes on. Remember when they shut out the Blackhawks? That was fun! And remember when they were good in past seasons? That was fun, too! Let's always remember those things.
  • Onward to Winnipeg, where this road trip will mercifully end.

Go Flyers.