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Flyers, Blues negotiate over Chris Pronger bobblehead

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Everybody loves Chris Pronger, so of course, everybody wants his bobblehead. And also two points. But mostly the bobblehead.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Chris Pronger is being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame! Sure, he's technically still on the Arizona Coyotes' payroll, but it's been well over three years since he's played a game (for the Philadelphia Flyers, no less), so it counts. And because Pronger was, of course, great, he was going into the HHoF no matter what.

Pronger spent nine years with the St. Louis Blues, so they'll be honoring him, too. Specifically, with his very own bobblehead, to be given out Dec. 10 when the Blues host the Flyers:

The Flyers wasted no time in announcing their desire for this majesty (even if he isn't wearing the right jersey):

This opened the way to negotiating, because for some reason, the Blues won't simply give into the Flyers' demands. Pretty rude, but so it goes.

Two points? That's a non-starter.

Harsh, but fair. That's what happens when you play hardball.

Alright! So sounds like we can look forward to an overtime game on Dec. 10. Which is fine, because the Blues aren't even in the Flyers' conference, so who cares if they get a point, as long as Philly gets two. And a toasted rav. And a Chris Pronger bobblehead.

He was so great. Congrats to Pronger!