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Which Flyer had the best Movember mustache?

The results are in, and they're unanimous.

December is a great time of year. Both Christmas and the World Juniors are right around the corner, but possibly the best part of it all: professional hockey players will finally stop having silly mustaches.

Movember is finally over, and with its end comes the death of the mustaches grown to raise awareness for men's health, a trend that's been going on through the NHL for a couple of years now, even as it starts to wane.

Well, most of the mustaches are silly. As the Philadelphia Flyers all soundly agreed: Radko Gudas' 'stache was a thing of beauty, and it should be missed. Then again, considering the sheer beard-growing power the man has, we'll probably all be well off with just normal Gudas instead of the mustachioed one. The man can grow a damn fine beard.

And as the Flyers also unanimously agreed: now Jakub Voracek can look like a normal person again, which, good. That's so good. We can all live again.