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Almost nobody helps their team more than Claude Giroux helps the Flyers

He's had a hand in 45 percent of the Flyers' goals this year. That's a lot.

Elsa/Getty Images

When the Philadelphia Flyers beat the St. Louis Blues 4-2, Claude Giroux had a hand in three of the four goals, including the game winner. He just added to an already impressive total.

Giroux has 27 points this season. The Flyers have scored 60 goals. Giroux has, therefore, been responsible for 45% of the Flyers' goals a third of the way through the season, whether they're one of the 11 he's scored himself, or one of the 16 he's helped set up.

The next closest Flyer is Wayne Simmonds who, with 16 points, has been in on just 27% of the Flyers' goals.

Giroux's numbers get even more impressive when you look at them compared to the rest of the league. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only Patrick Kane - with a hand in 56% of the Chicago Blackhawks' goals - has been more crucial to his team's offence.

Where would the Flyers be without G? Let's not think about that.

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