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Michael Del Zotto, Michael Raffl model winter coats for Bloomberg

Raffl says Del Zotto is one of the best-dressed guys in the league. Well, with help like this...


Having a good winter coat is important. Staying warm is important! And while hockey players can't exactly wear coats while playing, there's still the rest of the year they have to deal with - and they work in the coldest months, so they'll be wearing them a lot going to and from the arena.

So what better group of professional athletes to get to model essential winter wear?

That's what Bloomberg thought, as they travelled around the Atlantic Division, kicking things off with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Their goal? As they put it:

We helped Michael Del Zotto and Michael Raffl find the right coats for their slim, athletic body types.

Well, of course. And in that above link, Bloomberg has a couple of pictures of the two Flyers modelling (and looking pretty good, too, as they're happy to describe). Del Zotto is into this kind of thing, but it was just Raffl's first time - though apparently, he's a total natural.

Of course, it's Bloomberg... so the coats they're modelling? Well, being a professional athlete sure helps them afford them.

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