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Even more stunning Philadelphia Flyers fanart

Ari Lankin is another great artist... whose favorite hockey team just so happens to be the Flyers. You know this means good things.

Ari Lankin

You remember how fanart is one of the most awesome, but not as often-seen ways to express fandom for one's favorite hockey team? How about some more, this time in the form of some seriously badass paintings by Ari Lankin?

Lankin lives in New York City, but make no mistake: he's a Philadelphia Flyers fan, through and through, and you can see that through a lot of his stuff. The majority of his hockey pieces? They're works of love dedicated to the Flyers.

Take the above painting of Simon Gagne's heroics through the 2010 playoffs. That was an incredible moment in Flyers history, and there it is, captured forever through top-notch artistry. He's even included a process video, so you can see the amazing painting come to life.

And of course, that's not all there is to see. There's Claude Girouxbeing a badass...

Claude Giroux Stanley Cup Final Game Winner... by AriLankin

As well as pictures of former Flyers greats, such as Chris Pronger (here), and one of his newest pieces, a tribute to Danny Briere:

(I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the Briere one is available for purchase, actually; along with an "Immortal Captain" piece... and he's available for more commissions, too, if there's something or someone else specific you'd like.)

Seeing all of these creative tributes to the Flyers is always a treasure. What an absurdly talented fanbase. Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us, Ari!