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Let's talk some more about Shayne Gostisbehere in overtime

He's now tied for the league lead with three overtime goals. Three!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The number three pops up a lot. It's everywhere in both math and various world religions. You have the rule of threes. Then there's sports, where a hat trick is three goals, or the NHL's new three-on-three overtime.

And with three-on-three overtime, a lot of records are being broken. The idea was to have more games end in the extra frame rather than the shootout, and so far, it's working. It's become far more exciting, as well; even though we're now three months into the season, people are still getting excited when a game goes to overtime.

One of the people who should get most excited is Shayne Gostisbehere, because he's now tied for the league lead with three overtime goals. (The other guy is noted grew-up-a-Flyers-fan Johnny Gaudreau, for the record - somebody get them on a unit together.)

He's only played 17 games; now, Gostisbehere is the fastest player to reach three overtime goals. He's also only the fourth rookie ever to score that many. The other three?

  • Ryan Malone (2003-04 Penguins)
  • Sidney Crosby (2005-06 Penguins)
  • Andrew Cogliano (2007-08 Oilers)

Okay, not the most impressive names on that list, but he's the first defenseman to join that group - and, at this rate, he'll pass them, too.

And there's little doubt he's getting a boost from three-on-three overtime, but consider this: if it was so easy, why isn't everyone else setting new records?

They aren't because they aren't as awesome as Gostisbehere.

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