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Yes, this is the GHOST BEAR shirt you need to buy right now

Our friends over at Philly Phaithful aren't stupid. Ghost emoji. Bear emoji. Shirt. Hoodie. Yes.

ghost bear

This comes in mens, ladies, and hoodie for now. (I have a Philly Phaithful hoodie with the orange/white hockey lace strings and I can attest that it's really awesome.) Kids sizes coming later.

One note of importance, directly from Dan at Philly Phaithful: "There's no guarantee for holiday delivery. The shirt is printing/shipping Monday, but it's not a given that all orders will arrive before then. We're hopeful that they'll arrive in time and some will, but again, no promises. We'll do our damnedest."

Whether you get it in time for Christmas or not, though, this is a must have shirt in the collection.