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Travis Konecny, Travis Sanheim will play for Team Canada at the World Juniors

The Philadelphia Flyers have a lot of Canadian (read: good) Travises.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost World Juniors time! That wonderful time of the year when hockey countries around the world get even more emotionally invested than normal about teenagers who are really, really good at playing the game.

Team USA hasn't won since 2013. Since then it's been Sweden, Finland, and... Canada, who will be looking to repeat their title.

Here's the thing with the World Juniors, though: the nationalism is exciting, but then there's the NHL element. Many of the players on these teams have already been drafted into the NHL, giving fans another level of emotional investment.

What I'm getting at is: there are two Canadians you'll probably be cheering for this holiday season as well.

Philadelphia Flyers prospects Travis Sanheim (2014 first rounder) and Travis Konecny (2015 first rounder) have both made Team Canada's final cuts, and will be playing for Canada in Finland for the next couple of weeks.

Travis Dermott, the third Travis, is actually a Leafs prospect. So the Flyers have 2/3 Canadian Travises, which isn't too bad.

Also not too bad: Canadian media is getting as hype for Konecny as we've all been watching the Ottawa 67's highlights on occasion this year.

Sleeper pick for MVP? Sure, why not?

What an honour to represent Canada at the world Juniors. I'll be wearing the leaf proud for the next few weeks

A photo posted by TravisKonecny17 (@traviskonecny17) on

Dream come true

A photo posted by Travis Sanheim (@sanheim17) on

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