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WATCH: The coolest parrot ever, cheering for the Flyers

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I agree, bird: let's go Flyers.

File under "things to do if you have a parrot".

Reddit user /u/_CHILLBRO_SWAGGINS' mom has a parrot. That parrot, named Willard, has been taught well, as he likes the Philadelphia Flyers so much, he knows how to cheer for them. That makes him probably the coolest parrot in existence.

He even tries to cheer for the Eagles, too, but can't seem to get it right...

... so he just goes back to his default Flyers chant, which he has mastered by this point.

This is a very good bird. I hope he gets to watch games and everything.

Shoutout to Chillbro_Swaggins for sharing this with us, Chillbro_Swaggins' mom for teaching her bird very, very well, and YouTube uploader Graham Uricchio for combining to share this beautiful bird with the rest of us.

Now if anyone out there has a bird that can learn how to talk: you know what to do.