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Claude Giroux was just so happy to be in the penalty box

Over there, on the right. What a smile.


Okay, so taking a penalty is generally not a good idea. Taking a penalty while your team is already killing a penalty is an even worse idea. But how can anyone stay mad at that face? Claude Giroux is just so happy.

He was probably less happy when Ryan Getzlaf scored just at the very end of the five-on-three, but these things happen. And at least it's not like that's where they lost the game.

Giroux is actually second on the Flyers with 39 penalty minutes this season, which isn't exactly the best thing ever, but as long as he's scoring goals and having a good time, it's hard to complain too much.

Well... other than everything else. But. You know.

What a smile he has.

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