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WATCH: Evgeny Medvedev's first NHL goal

At 33 years young, Medvedev finally has an NHL goal to his name.

It took 14 games and battling through numerous scratches, healthy or potentially not, but at long last, the Flyers' 33-year-old rookie tallied his first NHL goal.

Evgeny Medvedev has never been a big goal scorer. His career high in the KHL was just eight goals, and in his final season before coming to the NHL, he had only scored three. Nobody was relying on him for offense.

He'd already put up two assists in the NHL before he potted his first goal, though - including one just a few days before he himself finally found the back of the net.

He knew he wanted that puck, too, and for good reason. It probably won't be his first of many - but it was his first! And that's a lot to celebrate. Congratulations to Medvedev!

Первый гол = first goal

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