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Fan shows off amazing Philadelphia Flyers fanart

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Abby Quirk on Twitter has incredible artistic talent, and she's putting it to the best use possible - drawing the Flyers.

We all have our ways of showing off our love for our teams. There are the traditional ways, like going to games, or wearing jerseys everywhere. There are dorkier ways, like, you know, blogging.

And then there are the really, really cool ways that require a lot of creativity, and a lot of talent.

One fan who falls in that last category is Abby Quirk, who's done quite a few awesome pieces for her favorite (and the best) team: the Philadelphia Flyers, of course. The graphite drawing of Claude Giroux you see above just seems to be the latest in what's turning into a pretty awesome collection.

And, of course:

Hey Abby? You're awesome. Please keep drawing forever.