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Flyers vs. Leafs by the numbers: Offense comes at a premium

The new Leafs are a snoozefest.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Boring hockey makes for boring numbers. There were multiple 10-plus-minute stretches without a single scoring chance from either team in this game. You can spin that as both teams playing solid defense or both teams being horrifyingly inept at creating offense.

For comparison's sake, the last game between the Flyers and Leafs featured nearly 40 scoring chances and almost a dozen goals.

I'd say just based on zone time the Leafs had the better of the play, and they had a slight edge in even strength chances. But neither team looked particularly dangerous with the puck in the offensive zone.

Home/Away Chance Locations

Petr Straka and Wayne Simmonds were the driving force behind what little offense the Flyers could muster and they combined for the team's lone tally on the night.

Berube continues to dunk Sean Couturier in gorilla glue before every game and throw him at the other team's best player. And to Sean's credit, Phil Kessel did almost nothing worth mentioning until the final 5 seconds of the 3rd period.

The Leafs' middle-6 proved to be a bit more of a challenge, with Nazem Kadri taking advantage of a lackluster night from Claude Giroux and company.

A rebound game from the Colaiacovo and MacDonald pairing, but not much else worth mentioning.

  • Set Up - The primary pass on a scoring chance, including rebounds.
  • Chance - The primary shot on a scoring chance, including deflections.
  • Involved - The sum of both set ups and chances

If there's one storyline that can be pulled from this game, it's that the Flyers need to take a longer look at Petr Straka at the NHL level. It's only been a handful of games since his call up but the 22-year old has been noticeably involved.

Wait.. what's that you say? The Flyers sent him back down to Lehigh Valley? Of course they did....