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Strong penalty killing needs to come through against Montreal Canadiens

In today's Noon Number, we look back at what hurt the Flyers last time they were in Montreal.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

3: Number of power play goals the Canadiens scored against the Flyers on November 15, 2014 -- the last time these two teams faced each other in Montreal.

3 power play goals in a game on only 4 calls against is not very good. Some may consider that to be very bad. Whatever the case, we'll get to see how the two teams have transformed over the past couple of months as they meet in Montreal for the second time this season, the first in the 2015 calendar year.

A lot's happened since then. Philadelphia's penalty kill has begun to straighten out, backed by a slightly above-average shot suppression unit. They had just limited a dangerous Washington power play, third in the league as of their game on Sunday (via traditional efficiency metrics), to 7 total attempts in a little over 11 minutes of time on the man advantage. The Flyers have killed off 19 of their last 21 shorthanded situations. Steve Mason's shorthanded save percentage had been trending upward -- and... then he got hurt. Go figure.

These are two fairly even teams possession-wise, so tonight's game is most likely going to come down to special teams. Let's not do the whole "3 power play goals against" thing again.

And, let's not forget, the last time these two teams faced each other in Montreal the Flyers gave up 2 goals to (then fourth-liner) Dale Weise. He's now on the first line. I'd like my night to end up a little less depressing, so, please, no goals to Dale Weise.

Is that too much to ask?