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Flyers sign Nick Schultz to multi-year contract extension

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

32-year-old defenseman Nick Schultz will be a Philadelphia Flyer for several more years.

How many years? How much money is he getting paid per year? No idea! The Flyers merely announced his extension Wednesday afternoon as a "multi-year" contract extension, so details are a little scarce.

Sportsnet reports that the deal is a two-year deal worth $2.25 million per season.

This isn't totally awful, especially since Schultz has been more impressive than we would have expected when he first signed here as a free agent before this season.

But "good" isn't the word we'd use either -- not for a guy who seemed on the down side of his career before coming to Philadelphia, and who could easily be in healthy scratch territory again in the blink of an eye once he starts performing at his career-norms again. These mediocre, third-pairing type guys are always available for a dime per dozen in free agency. To be quite blunt about it, Schultz is nothing special, and that's even if you think he's had a great season.

Then there's this:

The Flyers have a rough offseason facing them in 2016 as all of those above players will have new deals kicking in, and all of those players will be more expensive against the cap than they are now. So Ron Hextall is betting on a 33/34 year old Schultz to be worth $2.25 million against the cap at a time when every cap dollar is going to be extremely precious.

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