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Flyers vs Hurricanes recap: [‘The Sound of Silence' plays in the distance]

The Flyers drop a 4-1 game in Raleigh and make their playoff goals that much more difficult to achieve.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Points are lost to time and divisional opponents. Must wins become losses. Optimism becomes realism. The Flyers lose and make me sad. This is how it's always been. This is how it will always be. This is the song of my people.

Seriously, this game sucked. I don't know if it's worth reading this recap. I mean, I'm writing this recap and I don't even know if it's worth reading. Hell, I don't know if it's worth writing this recap. That's how much this game sucked.

The beginning of the game felt even-paced, if a bit frenetic. However, the game opened up when Nick Schultz got called for holding, sending the Flyers to their first penalty kill of the game. The Canes held pressure pretty easily and Canes leading scorer Justin Faulk went bar down on Zepp to give Carolina the lead. The Flyers then got a quick opportunity to tie things up on a power play of their own, but they did pretty much nothing because they had so much trouble entering the zone and keeping control of the puck, so that was fun to watch. Except it wasn't fun, because I was being sarcastic.

On the whole, it felt like a very disappointing period as the clock ticked down. But then, like the most unlikely of suns dawning on all of us, Jake Voracek made a great pass so that Nick Grossmann could snipe one past Cam Ward. If you want to read that sentence again, you can, I don't blame you. It's a true thing that happened in reality. And by the grace of some higher being, the Flyers managed to limp into the intermission tied.

Unfortunately, after a great opening shift by the top line, the Hurricanes had great zone time and Semin was able to make a pretty pass to Jeff Skinner, who put it past Zepp easily. The Hurricanes wouldn't stop there, notching another power play goal, this time one of the Tall Blond Farmer People dishing it in with about five minutes left in the second. It tied a crappy bow on the crappy period.

The Flyers entered the third period trailing, and given their 2-18-3 record when trailing after two, things seemed bleak. They stayed bleak. They got marginally less bleak when the Flyers had real, actual chances, but then they went back to unfathomable bleakness when Jay McClement scored the final goal of the game.

All the enthusiasm was fun for the weekend.

Sad bullet points for a sad girl:

  • Unlike previously assumed, the separation of Giroux and Voracek didn't translate into overpowering the weak defensive depth of the Canes. For whatever it's worth, Craig Berube reunited Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek late in the second period for a shift.
  • Now that I mention it, Jake actually played with just about everyone tonight, starting with Sean Couturier and Matt Read, double-shifting with the fourth line, returning to the top line for a bit, and filling in on the third line when Umberger went down. Also he's tied for first in scoring again! That's good, right? Go Jake!
  • In fact, his whole line was good, I thought! That's always nice!
  • The Flyers penalty kill came into this game riding a 7-for-7 kill streak, meaning that if hockey was a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops instead, they could have unlocked an attack helicopter or Valkyrie rockets, which probably would have helped. Hockey is not a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops though, so the Canes were able to end that streak. For shame. They killed only two of four tonight. Not great. In fact, pretty bad.
  • As for the other side of not-so-special teams, the Flyers had a pretty dreadful time of it against the league-leading Hurricanes penalty killers. Both power plays were lackluster. Nothing to write home about, unless you like writing home about bad power plays.

The Bruins also lost tonight, so it's not like the Flyers have actually lost any ground in the playoff hunt, but holy shit, watching this team flail around against shitty teams is actively upsetting, especially when they're coming off such exciting wins. Whatever. Leave me here to wallow.

Flyers are back at it again on Thursday against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Haha. Okay. Good night.