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NHL standings: Rough loss vs. Carolina, useless Blackhawks hurt Flyers in playoff race

Tuesday could have been worse, but it wasn't the best night the Flyers could've had in the playoff race.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers entered Tuesday night within four points of the Boston Bruins in the race for the final wild card spot in the Eastern Conference, and hey, good news!

Even though the Flyers dropped an ugly one to the Carolina Hurricanes, the Boston Bruins also fell to the Vancouver Canucks, meaning that the gap still remains just four points. The bad news? Chicago is useless. After losing 6-2 to the Bruins on Sunday afternoon, the Blackhawks couldn't hold on to a third period lead against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday. They ultimately did win in a shootout, but the Panthers got the Bettman Point -- which hurts the Flyers.

Here's where things sit Wednesday morning.

Metropolitan Division GP W L T Pts ROW
1 New York Islanders 62 40 20 2 82 33
2 New York Rangers 59 37 16 6 80 34
3 Pittsburgh Penguins 60 34 17 9 77 31

Wild Card GP W L T Pts ROW
1 Washington Capitals 61 33 18 10 76 30
2 Boston Bruins 60 29 22 9 67 27

* * *

3 Florida Panthers 60 26 21 13 65 20
4 Philadelphia Flyers 61 26 24 11 63 23

Not only are the Bruins four points ahead and now the Panthers are two ahead, but each team has a game in hand over the Flyers as well. Here's what the upcoming schedule looks like for all three teams:

Date Philadelphia Flyers Florida Panthers Boston Bruins
Wed, Feb 25

Thu, Feb 26 at Toronto vs Chicago
Fri, Feb 27

at New Jersey
Sat, Feb 28 vs NY Rangers vs Buffalo vs Arizona
Sun, Mar 1
vs Tampa Bay
Mon, Mar 2

Tue, Mar 3 vs Calgary vs Toronto
Wed, Mar 4

Thu, Mar 5 vs St. Louis vs Dallas vs Calgary
Fri, Mar 6

Sat, Mar 7 at Boston vs NY Islanders vs Philadelphia

By the time the Flyers are in Boston 11 days from now, the Bruins will have two whole games in hand. That makes these next four even more important, and specifically makes that one game all the more important ... assuming the Flyers are still in the race by then.