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Brilliant Canadian scout breaks down what's wrong with Braydon Coburn's game

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we get email about things we write. Usually, the people sending this email fall into two buckets: really nice people (who might agree or disagree with what we've written) or really awful people who think we're total idiots and have no shame in letting us know in the most crude way possible.

This email from John doesn't really fall into either bucket, though. It's kind of in the middle? I don't know. Either way, it's a response to what we wrote about Braydon Coburn's trade value on Wednesday, and it's absolutely brilliant professional analysis that we cannot help but share with you. Learn something, nerds:

OK no offense but I live in Canada have played competitive hockey all my life and know talent.  Coburn is the worst defenseman the flyers have currently.  He has no idea how to play the position properly always takes himself out of the play.  He is basically brain dead and disconnected mentally from the game of hockey and what he should be doing.  I've never seen a guy so unmotivated.  Watch him shoot from the point.  In the last 6 years he might hit the net one in ten shots.  It is ridiculous.  If the flyers could get a first rounder run straight to the bank.  I don't think anyone will give more than a third rounder and that's why he is still here.

Look at their record when he is out vs. when he is playing.  I've missed the last three games but I heard their penalty killing has gone way up lately-is Coburn still on the PK?  Probably not first tteam I would bet.

Why did they have the worst PK in the league before he was hurt he was on it every time?

The other thing this [offensive word] does is watch how many stupid holding penalties he gets when he goes into his own corner and wraps one arm and his stick around the person so they can't move.  He could get a holding penalty every time he goes in the corner if the refs wanted to call him.

Also look how he will pick a random forward-doesn't matter who or what position and follow them all the way out to his own  blue line when they don't have the puck and he leaves the front of the net and then they usually score cause the front of the net is wide open with two opposing forwards while dumb dumb is randomly skating out by the blue line.  It is bizarre.  I've never seen or heard of this from anyone that knows how to play defense.  I'm not sure what he thinks he is doing-playing man to man like the NBA?  I tell you he is brain dead.

Get rid of this clown and Grossman,    and Timanieen? is also a joke, and streit or Macdonald.  Keep Luke Scheen he never makes a mistake might be slow but is young and hits alot.


PS  don't get me started on timannen.  That guy is done along time ago.  Hextall wants to move on from him cause he knows it but the Philly media still thinks he can play cause they are idiots also.