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Here's how you can help us honor Kimmo Timonen's return

After weeks of testing the waters, Kimmo Timonen has finally told reporters he's good to go. If he's in the lineup on Saturday night, let's welcome him back in an appropriate manner.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

So let's get the important thing out of the way first:

It's finally happening, you guys.

Which brings me to this:

For those of you who don't know, Shawn Hill is the in-arena host for the Philadelphia Flyers. He's done a bunch of work with the Philadelphia Soul and the (ex) Philadelphia Phantoms. He's also known as "Dancing Shawny".

And it seems he's on to one hell of an idea. So we're going to toss it out there: we're looking for a new Kimmo Timonen chant to gain traction; one to welcome him back for his first game (and most likely last season). We want to pull it off during the first game he's back -- potentially longer if this catches on.

Shawn and I have talked about it for a bit, and we want to do something based on what Ottawa did for Daniel Alfredsson back in 2012. Perhaps start spelling out K - I - M - M - O at 4:46, then, at 4:40, start chanting "KIMMO! KIMMO! KIMMO!" until the crowd dies down. So K at 4:46, I at 4:45 and so on.

We'd do it every period, even if play is going on. The game will be televised on NBC, so it'll get some play on national television. I've heard a bunch of "hope" and "Flyers fans never give up!" and all of this nonsense stuff during the semi-playoff run the team's got going on, so let's show it.

Remember how Kimmo felt when the players decided to tap their sticks to his arrival back at practice? Let's magnify that.

So, if you're going to be attending the game -- and Timonen does end up playing -- would you help participate? Spread the word?

We'll also be sure to keep you updated on whether or not Kimmo is playing and if the chant is going to happen.

If you have any other suggestions, drop some in the comments below. Let's hear it.