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Announcing a final re-press of Philly Phaithful's 'Kimmo Timo' t-shirt

Kimmo Timonen's on the verge of returning, so our partners over at Philly Phaithful thought it would be appropriate to release some more (read: final!) presses of their signature 'Kimmo Timo' t-shirt.

We're already preparing for Kimmo Timonen's return with #KimmoChant.

Philly Phaithful caught wind of the movement yesterday, so they've decided to re-press and offer a final sale on their original 'Kimmo Timo' t-shirt.

Broad Street Hockey readers can use the coupon code "kimmotimo" to get 10 percent off the purchase and a free orange koozie. All shirts will print and ship this coming week.

Kimmo Timonen should be in the lineup tomorrow night (Let's hope!). The offer is good until Sunday. You pretty much have one final weekend to get a limited Philly Phaithful shirt based off of one of the best defensemen to suit up for the Philadelphia Flyers.

So go ahead and show some love for Kimmo -- and Philly Phaithful.

Click here for the final order.