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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Using the break to ponder things

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

* Leading off with the glass-half-empty view, albeit the one many of are surely wondering: Are these wins from this past week accomplishing anything other than pulling the Flyers farther from a good draft pick? []

* Did all the beat guys get together on Sunday and decide they wanted to talk about Michael Del Zotto? In any event, here's a bunch of articles about Michael Del Zotto: [Hockeybuzz] [] [CPSJ]

* With their loss to the Flyers on Saturday, the Leafs completed one of their worst months in decades. Like, in a lot of decades: [Sportsnet]

* DGB's weekend wrapup, in which he can't help but notice oh crap are the playoff teams in each conference more or less already decided? [Grantland]

* There was a local commercial during the Super Bowl from the ownership group that wants to bring the NHL to Las Vegas: [CBSSports]

* The NHLPA is apparently iffy on the 3-on-3 OT proposal, based on how it's gone in AHL this season: [Puck Daddy]

* The Blackhawks are going to be in significant salary cap trouble this summer? Gosh, I wonder what THAT must be like, am I right? [B/R]

* Nice piece about the NHLPA's Goals and Dreams program and what they've done: [ESPN]

* One could, fairly reasonably, make the case that the NHL MVP this season is Carey Price: [Sporting News]

* Flyers are up a pair of spots in this week's SBN power rankings: [SBNation]

* A big reason for Columbus' decline this year (other than their 32147985 different injuries) has been that their secondary scoring has dried up quite a bit: [The Cannon]

* The Kings had their White House trip yesterday. Mike Richards declined his invite: []

* Re-examining the trade of noted Philadelphia favorite James Neal: [CBSSports]

* Finally, here's one for all you folks out there aspiring to become hot takists; ALL-STAR GAME ANGER, A WEEK AFTER THE FACT. []