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Kimmo Timonen cleared to skate

Flyers defenceman Kimmo Timonen announced he was cleared to skate tonight.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

After news broke last week, we all suspected this would happen -- Kimmo Timonen has been cleared to skate after being sidelined for the entire season.

Timonen announced the news via his foundation's Twitter earlier this evening:

During the first intermission of the Flyers-Islanders game, Timonen held a press conference, in which he explained that the blood clots -- which had kept him out of play -- weren't going anywhere. Regardless, he and his doctors suspect that he's in good enough health to begin play again.

Here's a quick rundown of what he said at the press conference:

Of course, Timonen hasn't skated in eight months, so it's unclear how quickly we'll see him back in action. According to Timonen, it could take about two weeks.

Obviously, this is fantastic news, and every Flyers fan is surely more than excited to see him return.