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Friday Morning Fly By: KIMMOOOOOOO and also a shootout loss oh well

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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* In other news there was also a game last night the Flyers lost in a shootout do you think they'd have won if they had Kimmo? anywho here's a recap

* Michael Del Zotto's had some great offensive numbers lately, but his defensive game still needs some work: [BSH]

* More explanation on Evander Kane's healthy scratch from Tuesday night: He didn't show up for the game after an incident that involved him wearing a track suit to a team meeting. Can't make this stuff up: [Sportsnet]

* Our Winnipeg blog's reaction/reactions to all this silliness: [Arctic Ice Hockey]

* Trade rumor time, then! We look at whether or not the Flyers could work something out for Kane and if it'd make sense: [BSH]

* Input on the good and bad of shot-blocking, including some thoughts from Steve Mason and Andrew MacDonald: []

* Making an argument in defense of the Flyers' most important scapegoat, Braydon Coburn: [Pattison Avenue]

* One good thing about the Leafs' current collapse (good for them, at least): now they've got no choice but to blow things up, which may be well overdue: [The Globe and Mail]

* Negative Value Guys are everywhere, and DGB is a fan. And hey, only one mention of a (current) Flyer! [Grantland]

* Every postseason lately the Ducks have faltered in the playoffs after finishing the regular season towards the top of the West -- but there's reason to believe that they could make a run in the postseason this time around: [TSN]

* Not many rivalries are more fun than Flyers-Penguins, but where did they stack up on this ranking of the 10 best rivalries currently in the NHL? [Puck Daddy]