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Thursday Morning Fly By: More like St. Louis BOOS right?!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*The Flyers are in St. Louis tonight to presumably play terrible hockey. Prove me wrong, jerks! Preview!

*In case you haven't suffered enough, here's the Nerd Report from Tuesday's Stars game... [BSH]

*...and another look at the game by the numbers. [Buzz On Broad]

*The Flyers defense gets a lot of flack because it is, in fact, bad - but the offense hasn't been great lately either. [Inquirer]

*Ron Hextall had some things to say about leadership and scoring. [Flyers]

*Ron Hextall also says the Flyers still have their eye on the playoffs, which is just adorable. [BSH]

*Steve Mason would like to have some input on the Flyers' new goalie coach, since the one he really liked is gone. [CSN Philly]

*Meltzer on the Flyers continuing free fall and wants to know who you think should win the Flyers yearly awards. [Hockeybuzz]

*Can Mike Richards make it back to the NHL? [The Hockey Writers]

*Now that we have a Martel(l) on our team this seems super relevant: Game of Thrones-style banners for former NHL teams. [The Hockey News]

*A look at which teams might have a jersey change in 2015. [Icethetics]

*And finally, presented without comment: dead squirrels in a hockey fight. [BSH]