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Don't compare Johnny Boychuk with Andrew MacDonald because it will make you cry


Elsa/Getty Images

Well, this is depressing.

Johnny Boychuk has been great for the New York Islanders this season, and he got paid for it today, signing a seven-year, $42 million contract extension with the Isles. That's going to hurt in a few years probably, but the Islanders needed to keep Boychuk around and he's definitely a key piece on a team that legitimately has several years to potentially win the Stanley Cup over the next few years.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, the Flyers are stuck with Andrew MacDonald -- the guy the Islanders wanted nothing to do with at this type of price tag -- for just a million less per year than Boychuk is making. And look at that damn chart above. One guy is bad, one guy is really good.

Garth Snow has schooled the Philadelphia Flyers, guys. The tables have officially turned.