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Who sits for Michael Del Zotto against Calgary?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Update: since Craig Berube likes to defy all logic, no defenseman will sit tonight!

If MDZ needs a breather, why not just sit him another game? Not like this stuff matters at this point of the season.

* * *

Michael Del Zotto is checking back into the Flyers lineup tonight. Brandon Manning was sent back to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms this afternoon, but since Manning was a scratch for his entire time here these last two weeks, that still means that Del Zotto needs to replace somebody in the lineup tonight.

So who sits?

Our friend Kurt is forgetting all about Nicklas Grossmann, but that's just because we're all resigned to the fact that Craig Berube will probably never sit Grossmann, even though it's the clearly obvious decision.

So if it's not Grossmann, the most likely candidate is certainly Nick Schultz, who's been used least frequently at five-on-five lately. The irony there is that when Schultz signed his two-year contract extension last month, we took wagers on how long it would take him to work back down to healthy scratch land.

One thing we do know: Carlo Colaiacovo should not sit. He was great on Tuesday night in Vancouver and there's no way he should be out of the lineup.

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