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Flyers vs. Flames recap: I don't understand you at all, Craig Berube

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I don't understand Craig Berube. Like, at all. I just don't.

The story of his goalie change tonight will probably be that by yanking Steve Mason late in the second period, right after Calgary made it 2-0, he kept the Flyers alive in this one. Ray Emery came in cold and indeed made a big stop or two on the door step, and the Flyers turned around and made it 2-1 on the next trip up the ice via a Claude Giroux goal, all before the second intermission.

Of course, that became moot in the third when Calgary rolled to an 4-1 victory. But it's the most interesting thing that happened in this hockey game from a Flyers perspective, and it was very questionable.

Pulling Mason was ... weird. It seems so bizarre to run a guy into the ground the way Berube has with Mason lately (or all season, really) and then pull him at the first sign of struggle. It was a bad goal against in a game Mason had played pretty well. Fine, bad goals happen. Not reason to pull him, though. It doesn't show confidence in Mason, and it's gotta piss him off.

We all know the outcome of this game didn't mean anything. Berube should have at least waited the two minutes until the end of the period to make his goalie change. Mason's earned at least that. I don't really understand what Berube's aim is in making that goalie decision like that in a game that doesn't matter.

Anyway, the Flyers lost. Only 9 games left!

Here's a list of some other things that happened during this hockey game:

  • Luke Schenn had an awful turnover that led to a Dennis Wideman-Johnny Gaudreau connection on Calgary's first goal. It was bad and made you sad if you were watching this game and not college basketball or The Jinx or reruns of 30 Rock or whatever other better things there were to watch.
  • Brandon Bollig really earned his blood money in this one. First he cross-checked Voracek in the chest in the first period, which definitely bothered Jake a bit. Then he started a second period scrum that involved Zac Rinaldo and Deryk Engelland and got a little out of hand. Deryk Engelland spells his name like that, by the way.
  • Voracek's hands on Claude Giroux's second period goal were pretty, at least. Also, Giroux scored a goal at even strength but it wasn't in Philadelphia so it doesn't count.
  • Nick Schultz, at least to my eyes, had a pretty bad game. Of note on Calgary's third goal, he gave up waaaaaay too much space to Gaudreau at the blue line, and when you give shifty little guy like that space, he'll probably find a way to beat you. And he'll definitely find a way to beat you when Nicklas Grossmann is defending the other side of the ice. Wasn't the only questionable play Schultz made
  • Johnny Gaudreau is really good at this sport. Start the trade rumors now. I mean, he's from South Jersey. You know it's going to happen. Three points in the game tonight and none of them were bullshit secondary assists or anything like that. He was involved in all of them.
  • At the first intermission I heated up some leftover pulled pork. Then I made sandwiches. They were pretty good.
  • Curtis Lazar picked a hamburger off the ice and ate it. That happened in Ottawa, but it was during this game, and it was awesome and more fun than anything that happened in this game.
  • Ray Emery slashed a dude in the third and broke his goalie stick. Do you know how hard it is to break a goalie stick? Like, on the fat part? Emery was partially mad because he had a Flame all up in his shit, but it's mostly probably because he doesn't care anymore.
  • Calgary's third jerseys are the best looking in the league. Wouldn't mind seeing them in the playoffs.