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BREAKING: Braydon Coburn traded to Tampa Bay

It's 2:00 AM on a Monday, and Braydon Coburn just got traded. The deadline has officially started off with a bang.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Can't we just get some sleep?

We talked about it all day today. A trade was certainly a possibility, and plenty of teams had their eyes on Coburn after his long-time partner was shipped off to Chicago on Friday.

We're not sure if the picks are for this year, but, assuming they are, the Flyers will have two first-round picks in what many believe to be a deep draft. I don't like throwing around that term, but people use it and here we are. The first-round pick could also be the one sent to Tampa Bay from New York in the Martin St. Louis deal.

Radko Gudas is pretty meh, but whatever. At this point, those picks are the real haul. I'm still surprised there were people saying Coburn wouldn't garner more than a second-round pick.

We'll have more analysis in the morning.