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What time is the 2015 NHL trade deadline?

It's NHL trade deadline day, and while the league's GMs have been busy for weeks and extremely busy in the days leading up to the deadline, there's nothing like the excitement of this actual day.

It might as well be a national holiday up in Canada, and both Sportsnet and TSN will have wall-to-wall coverage all day. Sportsnet's coverage is simulcast on NHL Network in the United States for those south of the border. has a live stream of Sportsnet's coverage. TSN's coverage is only (legally) available in Canada.

It all leads up to the 3 p.m. ET / Noon PT deadline on Monday, March 2.

For all the latest trade rumors, SB Nation has a comprehensive list that will be constantly updated today.

You can also get full coverage from SB Nation's network of hockey blogs all day, as well as all the best trade coverage at their 2015 NHL trade deadline hub.