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Flyers trade rumors: Slava Voynov to Philly talk is reportedly 'bogus' and 'not solid'

There was a rumor that the Flyers acquired defenseman and accused wife-beater Slava Voynov from the Los Angeles Kings. Most insiders are now calling those rumors false, thankfully.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Slava Voynov is a despicable human being who probably won't play NHL hockey ever again, but according to Russian reporter Igor Eronko, the Flyers may have acquired him from the Los Angeles Kings.

Eronko is a reputable reporter overseas, and Russian agents often have different information than North American agents, but TSN's Ryan Rishaug called it "bogus" and most insiders on this side of the Atlantic have echoed it.

Voynov was arrested for domestic violence before the season, and he hasn't played a game all season. The details shared in court regarding his domestic violence incident were horrifying, so let's not even talk about any on-ice merits here. Seeing this guy in a Flyers uniform -- or, honestly, any hockey uniform -- would be sickening.

The only situation in which this would make any sense at all would be if the Flyers were dumping a bad salary on the Kings -- Vincent Lecavalier, Andrew MacDonald, something like that -- and in return, they'd have some sort of deal worked out with the NHL to terminate Voynov's contract. That's it.

Luckily, it looks like this is false anyway.