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Here's how we will honor Kimmo Timonen's return with a chant at Flyers-Blackhawks

If you're going to the game tonight, join in!

Chant KIMMO! KIMMO! KIMMO! at the 4:40 mark of each period!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Weeks ago, when it looked like Kimmo Timonen would return to the Wells Fargo Center ice in a Flyers jersey this season, we proposed welcoming him back like this:

We want to do something based on what Ottawa did for Daniel Alfredsson back in 2012. Perhaps start spelling out K - I - M - M - O at 4:46, then, at 4:40, start chanting "KIMMO! KIMMO! KIMMO!" until the crowd dies down. So K at 4:46, I at 4:45 and so on.

You guys were pretty receptive to the idea!

kimmo poll

Tonight, Kimmo returns to Philly. It's not exactly as we originally planned, and he'll be doing it in a Chicago Blackhawks sweater. But we still think this chant is a perfect way to honor his legacy as a Flyer.

So, here's the plan: At Wednesday night's game, let's do this. Here's how it looked in Ottawa when they did it for Daniel Alfredsson:

Basically, just start yelling KIMMO! KIMMO! at the 4:40 mark of each period. This game is on national television, so let's get this going! Share this story so everybody in the building knows!