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Vincent Lecavalier's agent has some strong words about Flyers coach Craig Berube

Vincent Lecavalier's career will have a sad, pathetic ending unless Craig Berube gets fired or Vinny is traded. I'm paraphrasing but that's basically the deal.

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We all know that Vincent Lecavalier is unhappy with the Philadelphia Flyers and that the Philadelphia Flyers are unhappy with Vincent Lecavalier. It is not a good marriage, and both sides would love to divorce if only ... they ... could ... get  .... this ... damned ... ring ... off.

That's pretty damned evident on the Flyers end, since Vinny has been a healthy scratch for roughly one-fourth of the season this year. In case you were wondering, though, it's evident on Vinny's side too. Via Randy Miller:

"The situation hasn't met either side's expectations in Philadelphia," [Lecavalier's agent Kent] Hughes said. "If Vinny wants the opportunity to end a fantastic career on a good note, it's not going to happen so long as Craig Berube is head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers. I'm sure if Vinny found a good environment ... an opportunity to go to a new team and end on a good note, I wouldn't be surprised if he retired before finishing the term of his deal."

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Shots fired. Let's unpack this a bit.

"So long as Craig Berube is head coach." He's making it pretty clear that this isn't going to work here, but he seems to be leaving room that it could work if the Flyers fired Berube. Maybe he'll get his wish. Remember that a big reason Vinny signed here in the first place was the chance to play for Peter Laviolette. He got to do that for three games.

Otherwise, by saying "I wouldn't be surprised if he retired," he's talking Vinny's trade stock up, basically telling teams that they won't be stuck with the contract if they do trade for Lecavalier.

Vinny for Ekblad?

J. Miller's story also says that aside from a trade with Nashville that previously fell through (and that we all knew about) the Flyers were close to including him in a package for the first overall pick last season. We knew that almost went down, but the news that Lecavalier was involved in the talks is new information. The report is that it was Vinny, Brayden Schenn, first round picks in 2014 and 2015 (so likely a top 10 pick and No. 17) for the No. 1 overall pick, which was Aaron Ekblad.

Ekblad's great, and getting that cap space off the books would've been awesome. But that's still a high price to pay for one rookie defenseman -- as good as that rookie defenseman may be. Would you have done it, especially given how much Travis Sanheim has grown since the Flyers took him at No. 17 last year?

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