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Here's how the Flyers defense should look for the rest of the 2014-15 season

There's not a single legitimate first pairing defenseman left on the 2014-15 Flyers. So with everything in shambles, how should things look?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We discussed earlier on Tuesday that the Flyers defense is in shambles after the NHL trade deadline deals sending Kimmo Timonen to Chicago and Braydon Coburn to Tampa Bay.

After looking at each player individually, let's figure out how the Flyers defense could best be deployed by Craig Berube and the coaching staff.

With Coburn gone, the thought that any pair might be considered a legitimate top NHL pair has gone out the window. Because of this, the Flyers are essentially rolling three second or third NHL level pairs at best.

Without further adieu, your remaining 2014-15 Philadelphia Flyers defense. If you read the story earlier, you'll understand why we're choosing to scratch Nicklas Grossmann.

Mark Streit and Nick Schultz

Streit and Schultz have been playing together recently and that shouldn't change given the roster moves. However, the pair might be relied on a bit more without Coburn to shoulder the load.

Corsi For%
Streit overall 50.40%
Streit w/Schultz 54.40%
Schultz overall 48.80%

Streit - Schultz

Streit and Schultz have both been around 50% possession defensemen on the season, but when they are together that gets bumped up a notch. Obviously that isn't the end all be all, but it might be the best you can do for now.

Michael Del Zotto and Luke Schenn

This pair had success early on in the year as the third pair, but will be asked to contribute a bit more this time around. Del Zotto has blossomed a bit since then and Schenn has had his share of ups and downs.

Corsi For%
Del Zotto overall 49.20%
Del Zotto w/Schenn 51.90%
Schenn overall 50.40%

Del Zotto - Schenn

Once again both defensemen have been around 50% Corsi for this season, and have improved ever so slightly when they are together.

Carlo Colaiacovo and Andrew MacDonald

Colaiacovo needs to be inserted back into the lineup and he has had success with the subpar MacDonald.

Corsi For%
Colaiacovo 53.90%
Colaicovo w/MacDonald 57.40%
MacDonald Overall 49.30%

Colaiacovo - MacDonald

Colaiacovo has been great and has been even better with MacDonald. Granted this is in limited ice time, but the pair passed the eye test as well during most of their 73 minutes together.

* * *

Overall the Flyers defense is in a sticky situation after dealing away Kimmo Timonen and Braydon Coburn.

They are left with no legitimate top pairing defensemen, but instead have several bottom-four or even bottom pairing guys. Coburn's injuries earlier this season have helped them prepare for this, so we will see what happens in the final month of the season.

* * *

A big thank you to Domenic Galamini for the HERO charts and David Johnson for the stats.