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NHL standings: Flyers within 4 points of playoff spot with big Boston game looming

Must win on Saturday in Boston? Absolutely.

The Philadelphia Flyers pulled off a huge, huge come-from-behind win against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday night, and in a lot of ways it summed up what's so damn frustrating about this team. In recent weeks, they've played stellar hockey against teams like St. Louis, Washington and Nashville -- all legitimate Stanley Cup contenders -- yet they can't seem to pull out victory against the teams they should crush. Buffalo, Carolina, etc.

But hey, regardless -- look what's happening:

The Flyers are just four points behind the Boston Bruins, who lost in a shootout to the Calgary Flames at home on Thursday night. The two teams play on Saturday afternoon in Boston ... and, well, we all know how easy it is for the Flyers to win day games in Boston. /laugh track

Even as close as the points look though, keep in mind the games in hand: Boston's played just 63 games, while the Flyers and Florida Panthers have played 65. The Ottawa Senators, just one point back of the Flyers, have only played 62 games and are absolutely red hot right now.

So even if the Flyers win on Saturday, there's still a lot of work to do. If they lose, especially in regulation .... well, that might be it. It's an absolutely huge game on Saturday afternoon at TD Garden.