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Vincent Lecavalier wants Craig Berube fired

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Vincent Lecavalier hopes to never play a single game under Craig Berube again.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

No other way to put this. Either Vincent Lecavalier goes or Craig Berube goes. (.... or both?)

It's pretty clear that Vinny doesn't care about burning bridges at this point, and really ... this isn't new other than the fact that it's actually coming out of Vinny's mouth instead of his agent's mouth.

It's understandable why Vinny is upset. When he came here two summers ago, he was doing it expecting to play under Peter Laviolette, with a style that he felt suited his game at this stage in his career. Then, three games into his first season, Laviolette was fired and Berube was hired. It ... hasn't worked out.

But in fairness to Berube, despite a few stretches where Lecavalier performed well at the bottom of the lineup, he didn't really do it consistently enough to earn a top-six gig on a regular basis. Lecavalier just ... isn't that good anymore, and that's not really something that will change, even if the coach is changed.