Gudas, Bellemare surgeries hidden among busy day


No doubt a big day for the Flyers organization and management, as Ron Hextall's end-of-the-year press conference stole the spotlight -- many believed he would announce a decision on the future of (still) head coach Craig Berube. That wasn't exactly the case, but a couple of surgery news ended up flying underneath the radar.

As soon as his press conference finished, the GM moved on to clearing up some 1-on-1 interviews with the beats. Among some of the information passed along:

Radko Gudas had some of his repaired meniscus removed in a surgery performed yesterday. He originally had surgery earlier in the season to the repair the damaged meniscus.

Pierre-Édouard Bellemare will undergo shoulder surgery tomorrow to repair something in his shoulder; more information should be available shortly.

The timetables for recovery are unknown, but odds are both players will be ready for training camp.