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Monday Morning Fly By: The results are in.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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*Hey remember back on Friday when Ron Hextall fired Craig Berube and the peasants rejoiced? [BSH]

*Hexy spoke about his decision Friday afternoon. [Flyers]

*So now we get to have fun speculating about who the Flyers will hire to replace Chief behind the bench. Summer is fun. [BSH] [Hockeybuzz] [Daily News]

*Ed Snider supported Hextall's decision. It probably wouldn't have happened if he didn't, let's be real. [Inquirer]

*You may not have realized this, but before he was fired Craig Berube was the only "minority" coach in the league. Now there are none. [The Color of Hockey]

*Marcus Hayes has thoughts, as usual. Use potholders with this one, it's hot. [Daily News]

*Taking a look back at Berube's fatal flaws. [Buzz On Broad]

*It's time for the Flyers to start thinking about extending Jakub Voracek. [Daily News]

*Chris VandeVelde is hoping that he'll get to return to the Flyers next season. [CSN Philly]

*On to the most important thing that happened this weekend: unbelievably, the goddamned Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery AGAIN. [Copper and Blue]

*This means that the Flyers will pick at the 7th position. [BSH]

*Hextall had some comments about the draft lottery and where the Flyers will pick. [Flyers]

*Prior to the draft, DGB had some hilarious predictions on what the reaction would be to several possible draft outcomes that turned out to be 100% on point. [Grantland]

*A look at the complete zone exit data for the '14-'15 Flyers. [Pattison Ave]

*Gary Bettman thinks the current NHL points system is great. [ProHockeyTalk]

*And finally, here's a full look at the playoff picture thus far. Hopefully your brackets are hanging in. [SB Nation]