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The Flyers could get a draft pick if somebody hires Craig Berube?

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If this report from ESPN is accurate, the Flyers could get a third-round pick as compensation for Craig Berube if the former Flyers coach were to get a new job.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This is a little weird, but interesting, via ESPN's Pierre LeBrun:

... for coaches, general managers or presidents of hockey operations who are fired but remain under contract, their teams are privy to draft pick compensation if they choose to pursue it. ...

Let's take fired Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli as an example. He has three years left on his deal. As per [NHL deputy commissioner Bill] Daly's interpretation of the rule, the Bruins do in fact have the right to draft pick compensation if they want it.

LeBrun had previously reported that the NHL will bring back draft pick compensation for front office departures, but most assumed that it would only apply to guys being lured away from an organization for a better opportunity with another one -- say, Steve Yzerman leaving Detroit to become Tampa Bay's general manager, or Ron Hextall leaving Los Angeles to ultimately become the general manager in Philadelphia.

The report said that if a coach, GM or director of hockey ops were to leave for a better opportunity elsewhere, their former team would have the right to a second-round compensatory draft pick if the move came in-season or a third-round pick if the move came during the offseason.

But oddly, this applies to fired coaches too -- although it's unclear if the compensation is exactly the same as it would if an employee was leaving on their own accord. Teams can also waive the right to draft pick compensation if they wish.

How does this apply to the Flyers and Craig Berube?

Berube was fired Friday with just one year remaining on his contract. Most teams wouldn't seek compensation for a fired coach, GM or director of hockey operations because they'd rather get that contract off of their payroll -- seeking compensation might deter a team from hiring a guy, according to LeBrun.

But in the Flyers case, might they opt for the pick? Ron Hextall has said he wants to stockpile picks, and Berube is only under contract until next summer. It's not exactly a ton of money, relatively speaking. I suppose the question comes down to how much the Flyers (or Ed Snider) value a single third-round draft pick. Sure makes these offseason moves a bit more interesting, though.