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2015-16 NHL salary cap expected to be around $71 million, Gary Bettman says

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The higher, the better.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Bettman says the NHL salary cap will rise to about $71 million in 2015-16. Via the Associated Press:

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman expects the salary cap for the 2015-16 season to settle in around $71 million, depending on the fluctuations of the Canadian dollar.

Appearing between the first and second periods of Game 3 of the Western Conference finals Thursday night between the Anaheim Ducks and hometown Blackhawks, the commissioner said he expects it to climb five percent from this year's cap figure of $69 million.

The Flyers currently sit at $63 million against the 2015-16 cap (excluding Chris Pronger), according to General Fanager. That includes 11 forwards and seven defensemen, but doesn't include soon-to-be restricted free agent Michael Del Zotto, who does not yet have a contract for next season.

The Flyers will add MDZ -- Ron Hextall says they expect to re-sign him -- and at least a backup goaltender. They'll need another forward or two, as well. So it's tight. But the cap situation could open up significantly depending on what they do with their defense, and Hextall has already said that somebody will be moved. Most guys back there probably aren't safe, and the team will move almost anybody they can.

Up front, the hope is that Vincent Lecavalier could move and save the team some money against the cap. But like any number of bad contracts on the Flyers roster, there's a lot holding up any potential Vinny move.