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5 reasons to root against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final

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1. this thing

2. Even if they win, Kimmo Timonen might not get his name on the Cup.

NHL rules state that you must suit up for either one game in the Stanley Cup Final, or you must play 41 games in the regular season for a team in order to earn your spot on the Stanley Cup.

As it sits, Kimmo Timonen has been a healthy scratch for the Blackhawks and he might not play in the Final. If he doesn't get into a game, the NHL would need to grant an exception to Kimmo in the event Chicago wins. Maybe that happens.

If the Blackhawks win and Timonen still doesn't get his name on the Stanley Cup, we should riot.

3-5. OK forget all of that. Do it for Kimmo, guys.

  • a) Even if Kimmo doesn't get his name on the Cup, he's enjoying the ride. He'll get to lift it.
  • b) There's always a chance -- maybe better than 50 percent? -- that somebody gets hurt or messes up badly and Kimmo gets into a game.
  • c) Stanley doesn't need a friggin' tan.

Go 'Hawks.